About Us

Our ethos and commitment to YOU

The core ethical principles of this organisation are to support and promote well-established Naturopathic Nutrition and energy-based regimes. This is what we refer to as Electromagnetic Nutrition™.

Central to this is personalised individual biochemical and energetic solutions, created to suit each client’s individual history, lifestyle and needs. Insights gathered with care to ensure a well-documented and interpreted personal profile.

This contrasts with reliance on potentially fallible test results, and questionable so-called ‘evidence-based regimes’.

We are dedicated to protecting the right to think alternatively and use Electromagnetic Nutrition™ as a guide to better health protection and management.

More on the basis of our ethos

In a world that claims to be increasingly accepting of other people’s feelings and beliefs, we find this doesn’t extend to anyone who questions mainstream medicine. Particularly, those who express concerns about how Louis Pasteur’s gene theory has shaped so many modern treatments, leading to an array of ‘anti’ medications working against the body’s natural instincts and responses.

Instead, we ask why the body is responding in this manner, and how can we support positive reactions.

The key principle of Electromagnetic Nutrition embraces the Béchamp theory of disease development. The terrain (milieu) is everything: "If the answer is within us, how can we monitor and influence the progression of the disease?”

Also, rather than accepting that disease is predestine due to genetics, we accept the findings of “epigenetics” (meaning sitting above genes). Not least as it has been demonstrated beyond doubt that gene expression can be changed through factors like diet.

In addition, naturopaths follow the principles of “Hering's Law of Cure”. This clearly shows that to truly rid the body of toxicity (dis-ease or inflammation), the illness must tangibly leave the body from the top to the bottom. From the greater organs to the lesser organs and in the reverse order in which they manifested.

This means, if a disease state ‘suddenly disappears’, we should ask how it happened and where has it gone. As it is likely it has simply pushed deeper into your body’s cellular levels.

Traditional Naturopathy V pseudo-medical tests

The contemporary ‘rush’ to carry out and market pseudo-medical tests have often attracted misplaced interest from nutritionists. This has often led to expensive recommendations that are potentially ineffective.

Instead, they need to return to personalised naturopathic observation, using points of elimination, and removing the toxins and the disease picture that could reseed. As it did for the well-documented naturopath Professor Arnold Ehret, who believed all disease was fundamentally down to internal mucus.

How we see dis-ease or inflammation

Dis-ease (disease) and inflammation have several levels of manifestation:

Healthy/ Dehydrated (creating stress)/Stagnation/Acute Inflammation /Chronic Inflammation/and eventually Isolation.

As toxins build up and become more challenging in their nature, cells start to change.

They pass through the 16 levels of cellular change outlined by Heinrich Kremer. Going from healthy “aerobic” cells (80% oxygen and 20% glucose), which can capture and hold light effectively, to the other extreme of “anaerobic” cells (80% glucose and 20% oxygen) which are far less effective at converting light into energy. This then inhibits your cells' ability to produce ATP, (as low as 1;16th as effective), which is essential for healthy respiratory function.

Therefore, the key question before recommending any nutritional regime or food supplement should be, what environment is it going into?

The key questions to address with the test tube theory are:

#1 How well can they convert light into energy? (Respiratory function)

#2 What is the pH of their body?

#3 How hydrated and stagnant are they? (Inflammation)

#4 What’s their core body temperature?

So, when assessing a client, we first need a reliable system in which to evaluate a client’s level of disease manifestation. For this, naturopaths rely on a traditionally taken case history.

Going forwards – together

We acknowledge that disease has evolved, due to the challenges of ultra-processed foods, and external pollutants and the wide-ranging issues these new challenges bring.

However, in our experience, these are resulting from the same core illnesses or dis-ease we have identified and addressed for generations. That is, changes that take place within the inner terrain - and what many naturopaths referred to as inner mucus – that impact optimised health.

Our commitment is to continue to provide the latest news and insights – in a compliant manner that will allow practitioners to educate clients about the key principles of naturopathy, without fear of running into conflict with organisations like the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) Trading Standards (TSO) and more recently, Professional Standards Agency (PSA).

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